Our lives intertwined

            I remember it like it was just yesterday. Katniss Everdeen boldly went ahead and  Volunteered to take the place of her younger sister, in the Hunger games. Ever since then I was struck by this need to be just like her. I always wanted to get a chance to do … Continue reading Our lives intertwined

Screw being right, let me go left!

                                             Today is a very special day because it celebrates Left handedness. Oh! You didn't know that? Well let me bring you up to date.                   … Continue reading Screw being right, let me go left!

Leave it to the boss, nature got your back.

8 ways to show that nature is pretty darn awesome. Forget promotional events, Nature doesn't need that. She's content with all the romantic poets that she has in her clutches, who sing her praises. No YouTube endorsements necessary.   Speaking of fans, Nature had another very 'chill' fan, and that was Buddha. His place of … Continue reading Leave it to the boss, nature got your back.

You’re more than your boundaries.

Here are 5 reasons why I admire you. Yes, you! You've faced your share of difficulties, yet you're somehow still here. You need a medal for not having exploded randomly like a water balloon. Or somehow ending up like this poor women who doesn't know how a laptop works. For being able to laugh at … Continue reading You’re more than your boundaries.