Screw being right, let me go left!

                                             Today is a very special day because it celebrates Left handedness. Oh! You didn’t know that? Well let me bring you up to date.

                                            Ever since 13th August 1976, Left handers day has been celebrated as a way to make people aware about the problems that left handed people face in their lives. What kind of problems do we face, you ask?images (39)3030181f2c5e88dc8f5b2db879e1913a

                            Now you may be wondering, why is there any event celebrating Left handers and why isn’t there one for Right handed people? The thing is, everyday is a day celebrating right handed people. 90% of the population is right handed and when you mass produce books, individual desks, scissors, bats, etc you need to cater to the majority. So right handed people do not have to adjust to such things in their daily life. It may seem like a bunch of very trivial problems, but these small inconveniences are very annoying and may make a lot of left handers initially feel like they are doing things wrong and they wonder why they can’t fit in. There are a few lovely organizations that work to spread awareness about left handed people and even sell amazing merchandise, such as   and even  download

                          Now for the last bit, here are some left handed people who I absolutely adore (excluding myself)!
images (40)

Barack Obama! He is one wonderful person and I’ve adored him for years. Here’s just another reason I identify with him. 🙂



images (41)

Lisa kudrow, a.k.a Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Her whacky character and everything about her makes me so happy!


images (42)

Oprah winfrey! Isn’t she beautiful?



images (43)

Jim carrey! One of the oddest, most amazing and interesting actors out there. I love all his quirks and him being left handed is just the icing on the proverbial cake for me.

I hope this can reach many people and everyone joins in our celebration.

55 thoughts on “Screw being right, let me go left!

  1. Yay! I didn’t know there was a holiday for left-handed people! That’s so cool. I’m left-handed and love it. I always wondered why scissors didn’t work properly for me. Here are a few of my own personal favorite left-handers: Lewis Carroll, Billy the Kid, Goethe, Jerry Seinfeld, and Ron Perlman.

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  2. Teaismyjam,
    You have to be one of the sweetest people in this world of bloggers! I read some of your posts…I thought they were talking to me:). I’ll keep coming back, for sure!
    Glad to have met you👏🏼😊.


  3. The comic about lefties in the middle ages made me laugh ! It is still like this in India, if people notice you eating with your left hand, they’ll first say (in a very condescending tone) “Ohhhh you’re a lefty!”, and then go on to ask if you do everything with your left-hand 😛

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  4. I didn’t know that there was a left hander day. Or I would have celebrated it. My daughter is a left hander. As a mentor I’ve come across many leftie kids. It was a challenge to teach them to write duo I used to make them stand and writers on my table opposite me. While they moved the pencil with their left hand, I guided and supported them with my right. That way both were happy and aim was achieved.


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