Can you stomach it?

I stared at the delicious creamy nutella that was melting into the crisp toast. I had eaten breakfast just an hour ago, but here I was, reaching for this extra treat. The remorse flooded in just a few minutes after the last bite.

Hello, I’m Fifty pounds overweight.

Here’s a fifty word post related to the daily prompt Fifty. Check out a few more of my posts here:


14 thoughts on “Can you stomach it?

  1. See, this is precisely why I have to buy food that is like… Healthy… Because sometimes, I’ll come across something that just screams, “EAT ME!” like Nutella, and I can’t help myself. So all the veggies and fruits are to counter-balance all the naughty Nutella and other yummy junk food binges! LOL

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  2. Ha.. my boyfriend was eating spoons of nutella on it’s own last night- it is definitely way to easy to eat! I’m not sure if I already said or not, but thanks a lot for following me! I hope to hear more from you! 🙂

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