Leave it to the boss, nature got your back.

IMG_20140921_2121118 ways to show that nature is pretty darn awesome.

  • Forget promotional events, Nature doesn’t need that. She’s content with all the romantic poets that she has in her clutches, who sing her praises. No YouTube endorsements necessary.


  • Speaking of fans, Nature had another very ‘chill’ fan, and that was Buddha. His place of peace and calm was the Bodhi tree. He certainly didn’t meditate at Starbucks. Although he would have needed to, in order to calm himself down when they got his name wrong.


  • Etymologically, Nature can literally be translated into ‘birth’ and ‘new life’. She is the essence of creation and the newness of a feeling. Nature, is like that one instrumental track that you actually like. The one that gives you eargasms and tingly feelings of happiness every time you listen to it.


  • Nature is also the ultimate wingman. Take anybody on a nice calming walk, or a trek or even to a park, believe me, it will work. Unless that person is Donald Trump because he’ll be too busy building a wall around the duck pond. Why? To stop their migration of course.


  • If there’s one smell that we all enjoy, that’s the wet earth when the rains just begin. That’s nature showing off for us, but still, it’s absolutely wonderful and you end up falling into a serene trance that lasts for around 5 hours. Oh, no? Just me?


  • Unless you have a cylinder that you use to huff on some oxygen, we all pretty much rely on trees to keep us alive. These selfless trees work 24/7 without pay or health benefits, to keep your lungs full. If that’s not altruistic, I don’t know what is. Take that Ayn rand!


  • Nature gives us food, water, oxygen and so much more. The earth is like a buffet for us. We seem to have a lifetime membership with this buffet and, I think we’ve got more than enough out of it.


  • Nature is destructive, that’s a fact but she’s also the core of creation. She is the foundation of life and we need to give her some praise for all the awesome things we have due to nature. 
Nature is the Leonardo di caprio of the universe.

via Daily Prompt: Praise

©The picture is owned by teaismyjam




16 thoughts on “Leave it to the boss, nature got your back.

  1. Incredible post! Yes, we have what we need yet we long for more. I live in the countryside, so I’m pretty close to the ‘mother earth’ on a daily basis.

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    1. I am glad you liked the post. 😃


  2. Tiffany Higgins August 6, 2016 — 1:39 am

    Your keyboard is your paintbrush. I could see the scenes you painted with your words. More than that, I could feel them, smell them. You put me in nature. Praise to you for singing her praises.

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    1. Thank you very much for appreciating my work! 😃

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  3. The last line made me smile.. ☺

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    1. I am glad that it did. 😃

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  4. Reblogged this on My Garden Biodiversity and commented:
    My sentiment’s too. Nature, if left to it its own resources will overcome all the wrongs imposed on it by the human race.

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  5. Don’t let this stop 🙂

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  6. Amazing! It’s humorous and profound at the same time! I love the portrayal!

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    1. Thank you very much for reading it! 😀


  7. Such a great post! Nature is truly incredible and we often take it for granted! loved the trump joke! 😉 you’ve got a follow from me! looking forward to keeping up with your posts! and thank you for your support as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading my work. 💗😊


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