How I Donated My Hair And How You Can Do It Too

If you’re thinking of chopping off your hair for donation then read this to learn more about the process and what it was like for me. I’ll tell you everything you need to know about hair donation for cancer, the proper hair donation length, and more.

But first, a PROLOGUE

When I was 15 years old, I really wanted to make a BIG CHANGE. I looked around for things to change and all I decided upon was getting a haircut. So for quite a while my mind was set on getting it done, I drew up my courage and was ready to cut my hair REAL short. When I went to the parlour though, the one haircut I wanted was refused to me because of the shape of my face. I was furious because I really wanted that absolutely smashing classic Cristiano Ronaldo cut. Well, I ended up settling for something else in the end.

-Cut to 2019, Dec 26th-

I woke up at 6am and was ready to cut my hair. I had been growing my hair out for two years and the time had finally arrived.

In November 2017 I had decided to cut my hair on a whim. When it was done I just wanted to just grow it, with no plans of cutting it in the considerable future. That plan evolved with time so that by 2018 I had decided on hair donation! I even picked out a couple of great websites and I was set.

When 2019 rolled on by, I was ready for it. Jan, Feb, March, well you know how it goes. So plop down to December and I have waist length hair. I HAVE NEVER HAD waist length hair in my life. I’m ready to cut it, but when? The 31st seemed like a plausible option because New Year-New Me stuff. Just a couple of days before that I felt like I was ready.

Now remember the story I told you at the start? I don’t trust parlours so I was going to do this by myself. Yes, you heard me. Of course everyone told me I was making a mistake….

Now if you know me (basically impulsive, weird, silly, doofus, absolutely smashing adorable, creep) you know that I just got to do what I got to do. So I listened to everyone (big shocker) and I tried to find salons. But my mind was set on cutting it myself so I basically hated all the salons outright. Then when 26th rolled in, I just woke up and cut my hair off. Yeah it really was that simple

Behold, 13 inches later I’m no significantly altered. I love how short my hair is and I can’t wait to do it again and again and again. I’ve had enough of my hair getting caught in things so for the next few months (maybe years) I’m all about that shoulder length hair.

Ask and it shall be anSheared

What Is The Best Organization To Donate Hair?

When I was looking for a place to donate hair for cancer patients in India. The first organization that I came across was the Cope With Cancer -Madat Charitable Trust. I was nervous about donating my hair, whether it would be an authentic hair donation foundation, and if they would even be able to use it in the end. After checking out their website I felt much better about my choice and confident about them. So I followed their instructions and sent the parcel to them. Within a couple of days, they had received my hair donation for cancer and they had EVEN sent a certificate of appreciation. I would definitely love it if you too sent your hair donations there or checked out more places to donate hair for cancer patients in Mumbai.

✓ How Many Inches Of Hair Do You Need To Donate?

Many people wonder if you can donate 6 inches of hair, but the thing is that it needs to be a certain length for hair donation. Some organizations accept 8 inches of hair and others require 14 inches. This is because if the hair is too short then it becomes unusable for being knotted in the wig scalp. The Madat Trust required a minimum of 12 inches to be cut and I literally passed that by an inch! Locks of Love requires 10 inches of hair. Richfeel also has a ‘My Hair For Cancer’ program which is pretty amazing, that you should check out here.

✓ Can You Donate Your Hair With Split Ends?

There are so many amazing people out there who really want to donate their hair. People with grey hair, split ends or even coloured hair. You might worry that these things will be a problem when cutting hair for donation. You do not have to worry at all. Yes, some organizations have restrictions where you cannot donate hair that has been coloured or streaked. With Madat Trust they mentioned that Grey, coloured, treated, and streaked hair is acceptable. Make sure that you read each organization’s rules before donating as you don’t want your hair donation to go to waste.

✓ How Do I Prepare My Hair For Donation?

A couple of general guidelines include:

• Washing your hair first.

• Then drying your hair, and not using any hair products or hair gel after washing.

• Dividing your hair into a couple of sections and then platting your hair.

• Place rubber bands at the end of the platted part and right at the beginning just below where you plan to cut the hair.

• Cut it just above the rubber band so that the hair is held together securely.

• Make sure that none of the hair for donation falls on the ground while cutting.

✓ How Do I Send My Hair For Donation?

This is the simplest part after cutting your hair! Most organizations will simply require you to mail the hair in a plastic bag. You will have to add their address and details and then send it off.

Make sure you take a lovely picture of yourself with the cut hair so that you can send it to the organization to be posted. Or if you don’t want it to be posted publicly, simply send it to your friends to encourage them to make hair donations too.

✓ Who Gets My Hair Donation?

The hair that you donate to Madat Trust goes into making free wigs for cancer patients. Although you cannot specifically know who you donated the hair to, due to privacy reasons, be assured that your donation is going to a reliable foundation. It is a beautiful way of enriching the life of one person.

✓ What Are Some Hair Donation Organizations In India?

1) Cope With Cancer – Madat Trust in Mumbai
2) Hair Crown in Tamil Nadu
3) The Cherian Foundation in Chennai
4) OncoHappy in Mumbai often holds events for hair donation
5) Life Again Foundation in Chennai

I can’t wait for you to donate your hair for this good cause! Best of luck and shear hope you have a great time doing it.

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