Haiku from the heart

I can’t breathe,  you took
Away my heart, now I exist
Only on the Surface.


38 thoughts on “Haiku from the heart

  1. Hello, random gal passing by to say that I am loving your blog. I decided to check you out after seeing one of your post reblogged and I must say that I really love your style of writing, how you use your words and how they connect so well and I can relate to many of your post, so far my favorite is the “Sometimes I get a little saucy” post 😀
    Keep at it and you have earned yourself a new follower, love your blog! ^^

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  2. Being India…being Indian. with high priority to English.. still I struggle to feel the poetry in your poem…
    Don’t take it ease…we indians still struggle to translate many tamil books to English……I think you could understand what I try to say…

    We know English poems…but unable to feel it..

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