My debilitating fear

It began as a  Tiny nagging doubt in my mind, a long time ago when I was naive and happy. I had decided to go out with my friends and I was really looking forward to it, until that day. Something seemed different in my head and I started doing things that I had never done before. … Continue reading My debilitating fear


I lost her company

                    I've been thinking about her for a while. She told me many stories of the time we would spend together. She wove words together so well that I almost believed that she wanted me by her side. Then she fell in love and dove head … Continue reading I lost her company

Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.

I lash out at you all the time, for things you don't deserve. Please don't stop loving me, I need your words. Please don't stop holding me, I need your warmth. Please don't stop needing me, I need your assurance. Please don't stop hurting me, I need that.  You're the oasis in my desert of … Continue reading Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.