I lost her company

                    I've been thinking about her for a while. She told me many stories of the time we would spend together. She wove words together so well that I almost believed that she wanted me by her side. Then she fell in love and dove head … Continue reading I lost her company


Our lives intertwined

            I remember it like it was just yesterday. Katniss Everdeen boldly went ahead and  Volunteered to take the place of her younger sister, in the Hunger games. Ever since then I was struck by this need to be just like her. I always wanted to get a chance to do … Continue reading Our lives intertwined

Remorse comes a little too late.

                      She woke up, covered in sweat, her heart racing and her breath ragged. She had woken up at least 5 times that night. What was she going to do? She had made a terrible mistake by leaving her stable relationship and now, although she … Continue reading Remorse comes a little too late.