Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.

I lash out at you all the time, for things you don't deserve. Please don't stop loving me, I need your words. Please don't stop holding me, I need your warmth. Please don't stop needing me, I need your assurance. Please don't stop hurting me, I need that.  You're the oasis in my desert of … Continue reading Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.


To glam or not to glam.

There comes a time in every persons life, where they have to make a choice between being comfortable and glamourous. This is my story. I'm the type of cheeseling person who LOVES to be comfortable and casual. My definition of comfortable is:- To be able to throw on any ratty piece of 'BLACK' clothing, without feeling pangs of … Continue reading To glam or not to glam.