Dilemmas: My “dramatic” struggles.

A while ago, I found myself pining over a girl who was just an acquaintance of mine. I used to observe her a lot, (now this is sounding creepy) but I really wanted her to be my friend. So I began talking to her, which was utterly terrifying, considering the fact that I'm awkward and … Continue reading Dilemmas: My “dramatic” struggles.


Peering behind the agnostic curtain.

Religion is everywhere. It's inescapeable, it surrounds us and engulfs us whether we want it to or not. We speculate about religion, we theorize about spirituality and some of us dismiss God and all that 'He' stands for. We have to begin with the assumption that God exists in the first place, right? So, what … Continue reading Peering behind the agnostic curtain.