Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.

I lash out at you all the time, for things you don't deserve. Please don't stop loving me, I need your words. Please don't stop holding me, I need your warmth. Please don't stop needing me, I need your assurance. Please don't stop hurting me, I need that.  You're the oasis in my desert of … Continue reading Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.


The pun that cost me my friendship.

We've been best friends for as long as can be. She's known me from the time I shook her sticky goop covered hands, with my own sticky ice cream covered ones. Despite our history, she still manages to get offended, annoyed and even stumped by the things that I manage to do. Take this for … Continue reading The pun that cost me my friendship.

You’re more than your boundaries.

Here are 5 reasons why I admire you. Yes, you! You've faced your share of difficulties, yet you're somehow still here. You need a medal for not having exploded randomly like a water balloon. Or somehow ending up like this poor women who doesn't know how a laptop works. For being able to laugh at … Continue reading You’re more than your boundaries.

To glam or not to glam.

There comes a time in every persons life, where they have to make a choice between being comfortable and glamourous. This is my story. I'm the type of cheeseling person who LOVES to be comfortable and casual. My definition of comfortable is:- To be able to throw on any ratty piece of 'BLACK' clothing, without feeling pangs of … Continue reading To glam or not to glam.