The Five Simplest And Most Useful Tips To Be Safer From COVID-19

This pandemic has got us all worried about the possibility of infection, loss of livelihood, the effect it could have on our families, the restriction on our freedom, and much more.

There has been a lot of information tossed at us and it’s hard to know what to do during this crisis. What works? What doesn’t work? How do I keep myself safe?

I’m here to tell you that with just 5 simple steps you can make sure that you will be safer against COVID-19’s weird tactics.

Tip 1

Make sure to put your clothes for a wash when you come back home.

Person in a yellow full-body suit reading a paper

Every time you go out to get essentials (preferably 2-3 and maximum 4 times a week) you must come home and get your outside clothes in the wash.

You cannot be sure about the kind of germs that are left behind on your clothes. Maybe you picked up a heavy grocery packet and leaned it against your body. Even this can put you at risk later.

So come home, change into something else, put your clothes for a wash, and then wash your hands.

Tip 2

Everything you buy has to be cleaned.

A person cleaning their hands

Okay this may seem like a very obvious piece of advice but it really isn’t.

Most people feel like using a dry cloth to clean packages is enough. But here’s what you actually have to do:

  • Get two cloths
  • One will have soap and water on it. You will use this to clean each package (plastic, metal, cardboard, anything)
  • The second cloth will be dry and you will use it to dry the soap and water.

That’s it, you’re done! It may take some time to clean all the things you bought, but a little tediousness over safety is no comparison.

Tip 3

Make sure to keep your mask for yourself only!

A statue with a black mask on it

I get that not everyone may have a mask of their own or one for each family member.

Don’t fret, whether you are using a mask, handerchief, shawl, or anything else, make sure that only YOU use it.

Don’t give your mask to your parent, or use their mask. The more we exchange these items it may make put us at risk.

Is it okay to use someone else’s mask after it is washed?

Maybe…but let’s not take that risk because if you get sick you don’t want to pass it on to any of your close people by any means.

Tip 4

When in doubt, wash your hands.

A picture held up of a handwashing action

If you have a feeling that you need to wash your hands, just do it. It does not take more than 20 seconds to ensure that you are safe.

Just know that if you have an issue with recurring actions especially handwashing, this tip does not apply to you. Any uncertainty that you feel about performing the action should be consulted with someone you trust beforehand so that you can protect yourself from further harm.

Tip 5

Stay home. That’s it, just stay home.

People outside w

I’m not talking to the people in desperate need of food, longing to travel home, struggling to get by, or having to go to work.

Right now, I’m only addressing the folk who go out for no good reason.

You’re not going out to get essentials, you’re not struggling for food, and you have a cosy home with everything.

So you have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to go for morning and evening walks, meet your friends, take a stroll, or just chill outside.

It doesn’t matter whether nobody is on the road, it doesn’t matter if you need some fresh air, and it doesn’t matter that you’re all alone outside.

We’re dealing with this pandemic together. That means your actions have RIPPLE effects. People see you going out they’ll want to be out too. Why should you just be the one to take advantage of your privelege?

So give this some thought. The ONLY thing you have to do now is STAY HOME. It’s so simple and you need to take responsibility for your actions!

I feel a lot of things when I think about this corona pandemic. It’s very scary, difficult, and often tough to deal with. If you want to find a place to give voice to your own feelings you can read this and share what you think about the current situation.

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