Hairy Potter

Everyone knew him really well. As a child he had done a lot of remarkable things that set him apart from the rest. Now, as an adult he knew that that old version of him no longer existed. He was alright with it. Actually, he was glad the way things turned out. Now he had a beautiful wife and some children. He was no longer known for his greatness or shunned for that dark and disturbing part of him. There were some moments that he did look back and ponder over all that happened.

He could remember making the most beautiful pottery with his lithe and skilled fingers. The papers were filled with articles about his talent, but many were also critical of him. He used to post videos of his pottery-making online and nearly everyone was grossed out by his level of hairiness. It was something that resembled a cross between Mowgli and Baloo. Dubbed as the Hairy Potter he was famous all over the world. But despite all his fame he had one arch-nemesis Tom Fiddle who surprisingly lived up to his surname with his great fiddle-playing skills. Both child prodigies battled it out for years until Hairy Potter’s weird allure won people over on the internet. Now though, he was content to live a normal life away from the media. And Tom Fiddle? Nobody knows what happened to him or whether he will return to the spotlight.

Photo Credits: Artem Maltsev (Unsplash)

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