The Secret Of The Blanket And The Demons

Ra-kaar was sitting on a tree (well it looked like a tree but it was actually a giant tetraflower) at the edge of the universe. It was 6:800pf and Hemoth should have been there at 6:673pf. He was really tired. Like really tired, and for he first time he could actually feel the weight of his 80,000 years. He had done something really good for the humans, and that was EXTREMELY BAD for the Daemonaars. Hemoth was already annoyed with him for a variety of things, but when she heard about this it would probably be the end for him.

Hemoth held a much higher position than Ra-Kaar. She was essentially the Queen of the Daemonaars. Everybody on Earth called her Haagenti but her real name was Hemoth. Some 98 million years back a very annoying earthling had called her Haagenti and somehow the name just stuck. Ra-Kaar knew how much she hated visiting Earth just because of that stupid reason. Which is why he had to be the one to travel there each year. He was just her right-hand Daemon, the Chief Legislator of demon and human relationships. On his 79,995th birthday he had been appointed to this role. It was the last thing he wanted to do with his life but Hemoth had been insistent. She had known his brother Sitarax3 and felt like he would be a great addition to the council. Well, she was wrong. His entire term at the council had been one mess after the next and Hemoth let him know that one more mistake would mean the Ice of Drogar.

There she was. ‘You’re late! You never give a crap about my time and you just push me around. I’m glad I did what I did and I’ll NEVER APOLOGIZE TO YOU.‘ thought Ra-Kaar. “Hi,” he actually said out loud. “What now?” Growled Hemoth “Everytime you summon me I just know you’ve gone and done something extremely stupid.”

Well, she was right. “It’s the Orb Covenant.” Ra-kaar said softly. Hemoth’s eye widened. Finally she was speechless, but not the good kind of speechless. Her claws began gradually extending and Ra-kaar knew what was coming. He could see the deep purple hue begin to cover her skin. She was enraged.

“What have you done?” Hemoth said very slowly. Ra-kaar could hear the tremble in her voice and he knew that she was ready to erupt into flames. He knew he had to confess right now, and as he began speaking the words tumbled right out. “When I went to Earth this time, I got carried away a bit. It was my birthday and I felt like doing something bad for once. I always go there alone! I have to be silent and polite and boring and renew the Orb Covenant I know I know. This time I thought of just trying something else.

I picked a spot at random and a stupid earthling was hallucinating infront of that blasted black box. I stood in the shadows for a couple of human hours. I just wanted her to turn around ONCE and just take look at me! But every time the black box asked her ‘Are you still watching?‘ she kept renewing the covenant. I was starting to get a bit impatient by the 4th human hour. Just then she switched off the black box and started walking to her bedroom. She didn’t even notice me standing there, and I’m 8 feet tall! I have no clue what those black boxes do to earthlings but it sure does have a powerful effect.” “CAN YOU GET ON WITH THE STORY YOU STUPID BUFFOON?” Hemoth’s voice was now sounding like thunder and Ra-kaar was so stunned that he fell off the giant tetraflower.

“Y…yes I’m sorry Hemoth I’ll get back on track. Err, yes, so this earthling woman was about to go into The Coma. They do that for quite a few hours so I knew I had to get her to see me right before that. I quickly slithered in the shadows and reached her bed, when suddenly she began doing something peculair. I had never seen any human do that before starting The Coma. She took her coccoon sheet (I think it’s called blanket) and started tucking her entire body in it. Usually they leave out a juicy leg or a hand but this earthling took a lot of care to pack herself in. It shocked me quite a bit and I couldn’t move for a moment. Then I realized that it was probably a new type of earthling behaviour. It made me feel quite tingly to think that these sub-species could still surprise me even after 80,000 years. I realized that I would need to get moving and scare her soon before The Coma took over. So I tried to move, and, I couldn’t.”

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” Hemoth’s question was so powerful that the universe shook a little. Ra-Kaar had never seen her so unstable before, and he knew he had to calm her down before her anger shook the planets to bits. “Wait, I’m getting to that! You see, I was trying to move ahead toward The Coma spot and it was as if a force field had surrounded it. I tried every angle! I tried the sides, the top, the bottom, and NOTHING WORKED! I could not move past whatever invisible barrier was around her. It was some powerful trick that I had never seen before. Earthlings always have this contorted expression on their faces when they see us Daemons, and well, that’s how I felt when I was there. I just had to leave! I didn’t look back at all, and I kept shouting at myself for even thinking of trying something so stupid. Even if it was my birthday, I should have never tried to skirt around the Orb Covenant. I know, I know it was incredibly stupid of me and I’ve been blaming myself the entire way.” “Sure you have” Hemoth hissed nastily. “Just get on with it.”

Ra-kaar gulped and continued. “I had a lot of questions in my head but I started summoning myself back to Daemonzieg. On the way back I felt like looking through the Orb Covenant. I don’t have much to do during the ride, especially after 816 zillos things get tiring. When I was nearing the end of the covenant, I saw something under the special provisions. A new bond had materialized! Now I haven’t read the entire thing but when I did my Daemonaar schooling I don’t ever remember reading anything like that.

“SHOW ME, RIGHT NOW SHOW ME!” Hemoth growled. Her eye was the color of burnt flesh. Her skin was deep purple now and her claws were fully extended. She took the Orb Covenant with extreme care from Ra-kaar’s fangs. She slowly began reading the newest special provision:

To all creatures that lurk, slither, hide, devise may it be known that you cannot overpower the force of the blanket. When time and again the blanket is brought to its owner, it shall serve one purpose. A mighty purpose of security from those that lurk, slither, hide, and devise. Once the article has been completely folded around the owner it shall take the shape of mighty power. Generations of strength, and old magic lie within this force, for it is borne of the strength of human belief. To those that lurk, slither, hide, devise, may you be powerless against this device.

Ra-kaar was trembling. He could still feel the extent of power that the words held. He knew that something extremely mighty had been at work. They were up against something dangerous and powerful. He looked at Hemoth now. Her skin had lost its dark purple colour, she was now almost translucent. Her claws were still extended but he could see that they did not hold anger any more. “What is this?” Hemoth hissed. “How have we never seen this before?”

“I…I don’t know Hemoth. I’m really sorry, I keep thinking over everything that happened and I just know that my stupid mistake had something to do with it! Look, I know you said this is my last chance but PLEASE don’t send me to the Ice of Drogar. I’d do anythi…”

“SHUT UP.” Haemoth shouted. “Just let me think. I don’t know…I’ve never had something like this happen. Ra-Kaar, what do you think we should do about this?” Ra-Kaar had never known Haemoth to ask for anyone’s opinion, let alone sound so soft. He was momentarily shocked, well not as shocked as he was about the Orb Covenant but who would be? He took a deep breath and said, “Look I think you should imprison me in the Levitical Pool because honestly the Ice…” “NO YOU FOOL!” Hemoth growled “I’m asking you what we should do about the earthlings. I know that the Orb Covenant protects humans from Daemon-killing and much more, but a Daemon has got to have fun once in a while right? Like, where else can we get our kicks from? I really used to enjoy popping up around earthlings in my early days, well, until that man butchered my name… But, what now?” “Oh! Um…er,” Ra-Kaar said slowly. “Maybe we just scare the ones who don’t use their coccoon sheet all the way round. You know, the careless ones who leave their body parts untucked. None of the earthlings except Zelta522 know about the Orb Covenant. So that still leaves us with a lot of unsuspecting ones, I guess. We just have to pay attention.”

Hemoth seemed to be agreeing with Ra-Kaar. He wasn’t quite sure about it but her skin had a pink hue that he had only seen once before. Things seemed favourable for him. Hemoth nodded, she had no words left to say to him. She simply began the summoning process back to Daemonzieg.

A couple of earthling years later, Ra-Kaar was no longer the Chief Legislator. No, it’s not what you’re thinking! He was not sent to the Ice of Drogor (whew). In fact he was given a new position on the council. One that was never held before by any Daemon. He was the ‘Head of Anti Special-Provision Strategy.’ The council had been made aware that very strong beliefs in the earthlings could cause changes in the Orb Covenant. Ra-Kaar’s team was in charge of finding loopholes in any new special provisions. He even began teaching part-time at his old Daemonaar school so that young Daemons would know the Orb Covenant inside-out.

Meanwhile, on Earth, to this day only the earthling called Zelta522 by the Daemons knows all of the Orb Provisions. Other than that, there is also that fantastic earthling woman whose powerful belief led to the creation of the new special provision. So if you ever feel like a Daemon is slithering in the shadows be sure to tuck yourself in well. They have to honour the bond of the Orb Covenant. If you don’t, well, Ra-Kaar’s team will pounce on those loopholes.

Photo Credits– Unsplash (Maeghan Smulders)

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