100 Days Of Protest: Haiku

Day 1: Inquilab

A person holding a red smoke bomb

Inquilab, what’s that?

Voices of the people heard,

for Secularism.


Day 2: Azaad

On a wall, a drawing of a character behind bars

Jiss desh mein jaat ki

Keemat jaan se jyada hai

Kya hum azaad hai?


Day 3: Acche Din

A dark gloomy sea and a hand rising out of the water

They say Acche Din

I say inflation, death toll,

Unemployment, now!


Day 4: Apolitical

The three monkey with ears, eyes, and mouth covered

The Definition

Lack of Empathy, privileged

Upper Caste or “woke.”


Day 5: Hindutva

A black background with a person’s eye dimly seen

Secular I say

But follow it, I do not.

Empty words galore.


Day 6: Secular

A silhouette of a man on a raised platform with his arms slightly raised in prayer.

Every religion,

together and respecting

beliefs, worship, faith.


Day 7: Equality

An animated picture with different characters and phrases of equality

You say equal rights

Yet your words show a hint of



Day 8: Equity

A sky with two hands reaching for each other, one from the top and one from the bottom

We’re made differently

Back and forth in the SAME race.

Make the curve the same.


Day 9: Minority

A black and white picture of a person in flux: screaming and silent

Thrown aside, ignored

Until you want to create,

Some kind of chaos.


Day 10: Anti National

A picture of a hand throwing a stone in the air

The only people

Working for the country now

Will be the gaddars.


Day 11: Citizen

A close up picture of a microphone

A citizen is,

Outspoken. Not a silent

Spectator at all.


Day 12: Immigrant

A black and white photo of a person holding their hand up covering their face

Turn them away now

Turn them away as you do

Always turned them out.


Day 13: Ok Sanghi

A yellow cardboard spray-painted with an angry face.

Well nationalism,

Isn’t positive no mo’

Okay Sanghi?


Day 14: Spine-less

A red background with silhouettes of people fighting.

Violence, no words.

Words, no meaningful actions.

Tools of the spine-less.


Day 15: Divide and Rule

A picture of shoes on broken glass.

Promise them a lot.

Take away their rights slowly,

Then, divide and rule.


Day 16: Diversity

A hand holding onto another that has been painted black.

Diversity is,

your selling point only till

it’s convenient.


Day 17: Atankwad

A black and white photo of people running on a street with smoke in the middle.

Voh log kaun hai! Bolo?

Desh ko pyaar karne wale

Atankwad hai na?


Day 18: Justice

A bark of a tree lying horizontally and people placing their hands on top of it.

“Just us, or Just them?”

No! I want JUSTice for all.

Don’t you understand?


Day 19: Police Protection

A person wearing a police vest with a gun

Police protection,

To whom does it go right now?

Shooters? Rapists? Yep.


Day 20: Detention

A black and white picture of the inside of a prison

It has been 6 months,

Decades too, hidden behind,

The deTENSION now.


Day 21: Revolt For Assam

A blurry picture of two people holding hands

Militant background,

Never given peace at all.

Revolt for Assam.


Day 22: Sab Changa Si

A man standing shirtless screaming with a bandage covering his eyes

I’d love to ask them,

Watch us burn, watch us all fall

Par sab changa si?


Day 23: Curfew

An hourglass with blue sand amongst stones

Tell them they are free,

‘Curfew, no internet, death.’

But, you are free, no?


Day 24: Refugee Kaun?

A chained and locked fence

Hindus, yes! Muslims,

Sikhs, Isai-es, we are all

Bhai Bhais. No. Bye-byes.


Day 25: Wildfire

A large fire burning very brightly

I am watching it.

The fire was already

Spreading aeons ago.


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