Remorse comes a little too late.

                      She woke up, covered in sweat, her heart racing and her breath ragged. She had woken up at least 5 times that night. What was she going to do? She had made a terrible mistake by leaving her stable relationship and now, although she finally gave up on her secret trysts, it was time for her to realize what her mistake had cost her. Their relationship had been wrecked by the mistrust, that she had caused by her actions.

                      She wrung her hands in despair, at the way she let her impulses control her.  Maybe she’d finally get what she deserved.

48 thoughts on “Remorse comes a little too late.

  1. We always like to believe that the grass is greener on the other side and many times we jump before looking, it brings us a great feeling of sadness. Short and Sweet fiction. It passes the message across. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Maybe she is already getting exactly what she deserves. Perhaps the emotions and worry she is going through and realizing what she had lost is what she deserves. Sometimes what a person puts him or herself through in the aftermath of something like this is more of a punishment or worse than what anyone else can do or say.
    Great post.

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  3. This is good, I like how you keep some details back making the reader question what she did. I reckon she just wasn’t that into the relationship in the first place and that’s why she behaved in a way she isn’t proud 🙂

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