The Bizzare world of humor.

               Daily, you are hit with silly headlines like, ‘25 jokes that are so dumb they are funny’,’16 ways to tickle your funny bone‘ or even ‘SMS joke of the day!‘. You’re left wondering, am I really interested in checking out these odd pieces of click-bait?

                   Every one of us searches for humor to brighten up our day, but have you given a thought to what humor constitutes nowadays. Today we’ll see the breakdown of jokes that are supposed to tickle your funny bone. This will only focus on some forms of entertainment.

No. 1  Vanilla jokes:-

                These are the jokes that pop up on search engines as – SMS jokes, veg jokes, non veg jokes, and such. A large chunk of this involves ‘Pie in the face’ kind of work, which is basically slap-stick humor.

                  Whenever someone tells me such jokes, my whole body shuts down and I tend to go into an introspective trance. I begin to re-evaluate my whole life and how I managed to arrive at such a cringe-worthy moment. I know, I know, I took that too far.

                   I am pretty biased towards this but I can concede that occasionally it’s great to laugh at people falling down or getting smacked in the crotch. Ah, my sadism.

No. 2 Witty humor:-

                      These are the kind of jokes usually made by people like Sheldon cooper from Big bang theory. Witty jokes are usually dropped like bombs by intellectuals. Or so, is the popular idea. The idea behind this to be a master tailor who, through their play on words ensures that people begin to LOL (yes, I used the word). Speaking about word play, here we are at one of the most annoying yet interesting forms of hilarity.

No. 3 Painful puns:-

                     Some people have the uncanny ability to come up with puns in the blink of an eye. Occasionally it can be pretty fun to pun and create a whole complex riddle like structure in your mind just to say something like, ‘What did the ocean say to the beach? Nothing, it just waved.’

            I wonder if I should put trigger warnings before puns. I must admit that coming up with a pun is a bit of a complex process, but sometimes it can be pretty infuriating for people when you try to be ‘punny’ 24/7. Unless you’re an Ecard, that shit won’t work in the real world.

No.4 Biting Sarcasm:-   

                         We’ve finally reached my favourite pastime: Being sarcastic. Sarcasm is usually a form of humor where you make cutting remarks about people, politics, religion, institutions without directly making a jab at them.

               Now I realize that sarcasm is not everybody’s cup of tea. Depending upon the person, it could some across as being a very bitter or snarky and that could very well offend people. Some sites like 9gag, Reddit, tumblr and even Buzzfeed (occasionally) rely on sarcasm to get messages across that they would not have otherwise been able to post directly in mainstream media.

                That marks the end of my very short list, because I’m lazy. This is by no means a comprehensive list. I’m certainly not skilled enough to make one either. All in all, whether you like GIFS, complex jokes, laugh out loud challenges, pewdiepie swearing incessantly, satire, or just plain stand-up comedy, it’s okay and you have a right to enjoy the way you want to.       (Based on the topic of the Daily prompt: joke)

19 thoughts on “The Bizzare world of humor.

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    Read up on the fascinating types of humor that we all indulge in sometimes.


  2. Interesting look at types of jokes!

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to read. 😃

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  3. This will either date me, or paint me “square”/dull, but I love the jokes in Reader’s Digest–I read them out loud to myself amid loud guffaws!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! That’s great. Whatever makes you laugh, you should keep enjoying that. It’s so nice to get a bit crazy and laugh till you cry. 😂


  4. Cute posts and I definitely know what you mean about all of these different kinds of humor. I love how you admit your lazy at the end. I’m the same way and sometimes I don’t understand why people think it is such a big deal to admit such things. 🙂

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    1. Yes so true! I am so happy that you took the time to read my work. Thanks so much. 😃


  5. Sarcasm and puns are by far my favorite ones. I think I sometimes come off as rude, but really I’m just being sarcastic:P

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    1. Haha! I know what you mean. 😃

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  6. very interesting read! I had know idea the different types of humor that existed! totally makes sense how I don’t find certain things or people funny lol, different types of humor!

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    1. Yes really true, humor is so subjective 🙂


  7. Sarcasm is my favorite too and so is pun! Sadly, people either don’t get it or write it off as poor joke (in my part of the country). . Sheesh!


  8. Hm…sarcasm can get people in trouble. While in high school I had a talk with my female classmates (while peeing in the forest) about having a period. One said something like “Oh, it feels good to shower when one has a period”. I answered: “No way everyone likes that”. A few awkwardly silent moments later I decided to let them think I don’t shower. If they don’t have (similar) sense of humor, let them sit in the darkness of ignorance.


    1. XD I can’t believe they didn’t get that.


  9. I personally love sarcasm, even if it gets me in trouble. The looks on people’s faces when I catch them off guard with a sarcastic response is worth it

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    1. Hell yeah! I kow what you mean :p

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