Sometimes I get a little saucy.

I think about you sometimes,

about the way you look,

about the way you taste.

I dream of feeling you brush against my lips,

as they tingle with the heat you radiate.

I’ve loved you in all places,

in all shapes, in all sizes.

I yearn for you.

I yearn to feel you enter my mouth and excite my tatse buds.

I want to feel you in me,

to feel whole, with you.

I must have you once more.

Dedicated to all the cheeseburgers waiting to be consumed by me. What did you think?

I’d love to get some feedback on these kinds of posts, and whether I should even be writing them. I’d like some criticism too. Thanks. πŸ˜ƒ

53 thoughts on “Sometimes I get a little saucy.

  1. This really is my cup of tea. As a journalist, when someone nudged you one direction, I immediately wondered what was in the other direction? As a writer, my mind works the same way. It makes life interesting. Could this be called food porn?

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  2. The double entendre is a favorite of mine as well. It leaves the poem ambiguous enough for people to take multiple meanings away from it, and/or one or the other depending on the mood. A fine piece.
    Thanks for asking me here to read your work, I enjoy it.

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  3. Nice job in sharing your love affair for cheeseburgers. Now I’m off to get me a McDouble minus pickles. (It’s that awkward moment when lustful sounds of moans fill the air).

    Continue to express and share you gifts with the world. Never doubt your calling.

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  4. This made me laugh and smile not to mention the suspension. I totally thought that was going to take a differnt turn and then it ended up being about food. These are the post that make my day. Loved it.

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  5. you really shouldn’t write stuff like this. you’re just encouraging bad behavior. now i’m going to start looking for romantic absolution in my next sandwich… and it’s all your fault

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