Feeling ‘verse’ than I should.

I lash out at you all the time, for things you don’t deserve.

Please don’t stop loving me,

I need your words.

Please don’t stop holding me,

I need your warmth.

Please don’t stop needing me,

I need your assurance.

Please don’t stop hurting me,

I need that. 

You’re the oasis in my desert of thoughts

and without you, my heart would be parched.

I trace the lines of your face in my mind, when I’m sad

and I feel my lashes droop with the silent weight of my tears.

I’ve never left my facade of independence before, but for you,

the cracks have begun to show. You’re the only ammunition left

in my trailer of hope and I’ve been stuck too long

in these cobwebbed halls, to know when to stop you from leaving.

Although my words may seem like nothing more than an endless, insincere apology, I need you to know that I’m more than I ever was, only because of you.

Thank you wordpress for acting like my diary. 😃 (The end?)

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