The pun that cost me my friendship.

We’ve been best friends for as long as can be. She’s known me from the time I shook her sticky goop covered hands, with my own sticky ice cream covered ones. Despite our history, she still manages to get offended, annoyed and even stumped by the things that I manage to do.

Take this for instance:

Her: Why didn’t you text me before leaving? You’re always so late!

Me: Did you know that Apollo is the God of healing, music and so much more?

Her: Apollo? What are you talking about? Aren’t you going to say anything else? I wouldn’t have missed my bus if it weren’t you.

Me: Since Apollo is a God, wouldn’t it be fun to give him a more millennial like name? He needs to fit in. Right? Apollo G, for ‘God’. Isn’t that cool?

Her: What are you even getting at? Why must you always get on my nerves!

Me: Well, since I’m already on this topic, I guess I owe you an Apollo G! (Pauses eagerly, waiting for laughter.)

Her: (After some incredulous silence, she storms off in a huff.)

Wasn’t that a pun-tastic story? It’s all part of the Daily prompt challenge that you can take part in as well! If you’re stuck in a rut, can find no good stories or just need a bit of inspiration, you can find some here. Check it out!


41 thoughts on “The pun that cost me my friendship.

  1. My God. After I read the comment you left to a poem I wrote, I cried. It was the very first comment I’ve ever had on any poem I’ve posted and it seriously left such a huge impact on me. But, trust me, I stopped crying after I read ‘The pun that cost me my friendship’. It made me laugh. It’s funny and relieving to read works like that. 😊

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  2. Here I am visiting….I LOVE A good pun. My father does, too. It is a joy for him to receive our emails and Facebook posts of when we find a pun. He likes them all and we like to share them with him. You may be using “reaching” out of context in her sentence, “why didn’t you text when you were reaching” unless you meant “leaving” and it is a simple typo… Fun write. Thanks for visiting me, too.

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  3. I love it! I love puns. Sadly, mine are never worth sharing and generally end with someone either storming off or staring at me incredulously.

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