You’re more than your boundaries.

Here are 5 reasons why I admire you. Yes, you!

  • You’ve faced your share of difficulties, yet you’re somehow still here. You need a medal for not having exploded randomly like a water balloon. Or somehow ending up like this poor women who doesn’t know how a laptop works.images (40).jpg

  • For being able to laugh at yourself even when you’re in a tight spot. Sometimes you just realize that life is full of irony and that you’re part of an elaborate prank. So you just cry/laugh your way out, (sometimes both together, resulting in a big sloppy mess.) images (41).jpg

  • You are an odd person, there are times when you like to fit in, there are times when you want to stand out. Let your personality stand out! Keep being all that you feel you need to be. Sometimes you’re the little girl wearing a hot dog costume, and sometimes you’re Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Either way, we still love you.images (39)

  • We’ve all had that existential moment of thought where we’ve floundered about trying to find the meaning of life. It usually results in a dark spiral of self-doubt, but look here, you’ve moved past that several times. Here you are, working, living, breathing, despite everything. images (42)

  •  You may be focused, or you may be flitting from one path to the next. That’s okay, life’s really fickle, things change at the drop of a hat. So it’s alright to do all that you wish. Either way, as long as you aren’t too hard on yourself, you’ll end up somewhere, doing something fun.images (43)

    All these things make up one superb amazing person. So keep being you, you’re special.

    This post is part of the prompt a day challenge. Here’s a shout out to them.


  • © All pictures are by independent artists and are not owned by me. Please don’t sue me, I have like 10 bucks.

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