Peering behind the agnostic curtain.

Religion is everywhere. It’s inescapeable, it surrounds us and engulfs us whether we want it to or not. We speculate about religion, we theorize about spirituality and some of us dismiss God and all that ‘He’ stands for.

We have to begin with the assumption that God exists in the first place, right? So, what and who is this God and what sinister motives does he have behind creating us? If you’re an avid reader like I am, you could construct a whole character around ‘God’.

Enter an auditoroum.

As you walk in, you feel the chill around you. The auditorium is empty, there’s nobody around. The show begins on it’s own, suddenly and without a beginning.

The puppet master, shrouded by a curtain dangles the fragile threads that hold together the puppets. He moves them to and fro, making them collide, tearing them apart, twirling them around with ease. The puppets? They have no will of their own, secure in their ignorance, they move as they are moved. There seems to be no thread to this story. It moves on it’s own. Just as soon as you think you’ve grasped a connection, it disappears just as quickly.

All around there is no applause, the auditorium is silent. You feel the chill creep up on you. Where has the time gone? You lost track as you followed the puppets, as you struggled to grasp something that made sense. The puppet master chuckles lightly as the curtains fall. There’s darkness everywhere.

There never was a beginning or an end to the show. There was nothing.

God and Religion are bricks that form a wall of security for the masses. In a universe where chaos is the base factor, we all search relentlessy for a security blanket to carry us through the unsureity. We’re built to strive for perfection and there are moments that we cannot accept defeat and that’s where God comes in. He creates a safe haven for our weary selves. A banker that accepts our bad credit without a question.

Is that all religion is? Is that all God is about? Is He merely a way to opt- out of blame and find security. No, He’s more than that, and religion, it’s a phenomenon. One that everyone wishes to understand but very few do. It could very well be a collective Band- wagon effect.

But all this is merely a very subjective viewpoint and one that you HAVE to agree with.

Otherwise God will smite you.

No matter what belief you have in a higher power all of us have some idea of what guides our life. Keeping that in mind, have you ever wondered about your birthday? What led to the decision of when you should be born or the specific date of your birth. Why not read this blog on Birthdays to get a clearer picture. Be warned, the answer is something you would never have expected!

9 thoughts on “Peering behind the agnostic curtain.

  1. The worst thing is that people have now started fearing God! What they need to understand is that they should have faith in God. The good things and bad things what is referred to as ‘Karma’ is not what God does, it’s the result of their own deeds.
    So instead of fearing God they should have faith and belief.

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  2. I spent the majority of my more impressionable years searching for understanding, read different bibles from different religions and tried to get someone to explain who and what God really was, but to no avail. About two or so months ago I had two people from a church visiting as they were handing out pamphlets to their church and I asked the two of them, “How do you know which religion is the right one?” it’s sort of a test question, and one of them replied, “There is none, just the faith in God.” most honest answer I have ever gotten. Didn’t change my point of view, but it gave me hope for a better understanding in the future.

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    1. Wow that is a really nice answer and an unexpected one as well. I am glad you were able to meet people like that. 😃

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      1. I am too. It was most unexpected, because people are always spouting off about how their religion is the right one. Yet anyone who has studied vigilantly like I did would know that anywhere you gather to discuss the “word of God” is a church, even if it’s a closet with two other people.

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      2. We are studying philosophy in college and recently I’ve had the opportunity of coming across many religious perspectives, and that’s really helped me be a bit more open minded. 😃

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      3. That is something rare, at least in todays world. Open-minded people are in my opinion, the best!


  3. Great post. Check out my current and upcoming theological theological posts. Follow for follow! Thanks!


  4. Anyone interested in the thoughts of an 81 year old agnostic who walked away from traditional Christianity over 45 yeasrs ago?

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