Sadness is a concept that plays a big part in my overall vocabulary. If you initiate a debate on sadness i guarantee that i can crush you within seconds. Am i being over dramatic? Ofcourse. I’m as depressed and sad as the next person, but ofcourse i feel that i am the saddest human being on this planet.

When i was young (i am young) i was happy, well sort of. I enjoyed everything and lived in the moment without over analyzing every moment. Nowdays, i over think everything, my mind lives in the future and dissects my past. My sadness is, in part an overall gloominess and in part just a low flame of anger, jealousy and whatever other feeling is overpowering me at the moment. 

Who, or what is my sadness? To me, it’s almost like a person. A friend who stops by only when they want something. Sometimes they stop by just to say hi and then leave before dinner. I can’t seem to get rid of my sadness and, oddly enough i don’t want to. I just want sadness to go away soon. I mean, i’m all down for a quickie and then ‘wham bam thank you maam’. Goodbye sadness.


21 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. The way you describe things, have a perspective I rarely come across. There is a wind in your words that so effortlessly sways me; as a reader, is marvelous. I look forward to seeing your future post my friend 😀

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  2. Sometimes others suck the happiness right out of us. Surround yourself with people who brighten your day. 🙂 Don’t let anyone steal your happiness.

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  3. I’ve learned once becoming an adult that life is a topsy turvy whirlwind of sadness and happiness. Problem is that we spend our lives seeking happiness but it is only temporary. The only way we can truly be happy is if we create our own happiness. It is hard to do and it takes perseverance, but it can be done. I was actually diagnosed with manic depression, borderline suicidal when I was only a young preteen. I learned to manage it without medications through a simple task that I do whenever I started to feel like life wasn’t worth it anymore. I had a “grateful” list that I would write. The more often I wrote it and re-read it, the less often I felt the need to write it and was happier.

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    1. Wow that is a really good idea. A greatful list. I’d love to borrow your idea and try it myself. 😃 I think it’s really amazing that you too matters into your own hands and took charge of your life, it’s amazing and a really difficult course.

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      1. I’m actually in the progress of writing a chapter to a story I have in my head, so it hasn’t been anything “profound” lately. Just strange little stories to keep my mind occupied while I deal with some not so happy things.


      2. I like them so far, but I need to go back and edit parts of my newest one. My characters are kind of… Attributeless. lol the story just spun out of me with no descriptions! Yikes


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